Coaches' Code of Conduct

Coaches’ Code of Conduct: Jujitsu and Related Martial Arts

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I acknowledge as an integral part of membership of AJF and the AJF National Coaching Accreditation Program all members and accredited coaches within Jujitsu or my school’s related martial art, and agree to:

1. Accept and comply with the AJF National Integrity Framework and Policies intended to promote and maintain sports integrity manifesting the ethics and values that promote community confidence in sport including:

   a) ensure all Participants are aware of the AJF National Integrity Framework, their rights, and responsibilities, and how to access related policies.

   b) educate Participants in Anti-doping and preventing and eliminating improper use of drugs and medicine.

   c) preventing abuse of children and other persons.

   d) protecting Participants from bullying, intimidation, discrimination, or harassment.

2. Ensure everyone involved is treated with respect and dignity and is protected from abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unlawful discrimination, victimisation, and vilification.

3. Safeguard and promote the welfare of Children by providing a safe and inclusive environment and by ensuring everyone involved is educated and informed of their responsibilities to protect and look after Children.

4. Prevent the manipulation of sporting competitions and related Activities and identify and eradicate any Prohibited Conduct which may undermine the integrity of the AJF, Accreditation, the teachings of Jujitsu, or my school’s related martial art.

5. Ensure sport integrity related complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively and all involved have confidence that Prohibited Conduct will be managed via the most appropriate resolution and discipline mechanism.

6. When coaching children, be reasonable in my demands on time, energy, and enthusiasm.

7. Teach students to follow the rules of the dojo and the etiquette of the martial arts.

8. Ensure students develop and practice respect for the wellbeing of others, the teachings of Jujitsu or my school’s related martial art, and the judgement of officials.

9. Be professional in my approach and accept responsibility for my actions. Be fair, considerate, and honest with students, and not allow my qualifications to be misrepresented.

10. Continuously improve my knowledge and my ability within the martial art of my school, and to keep myself informed on current activities within AJF.

11. Maintain my accreditation and to apply sound coaching principles in my teaching.

12. Support AJF and not to act in a manner that may be prejudicial to AJF, its objectives, or the rules and codes of conduct governing participation in, and the coaching of Jujitsu or my school’s related martial art.

13. Ensure assessments and gradings awarded are conducted in accordance with the approved authority of AJF, or the ‘rules of grading’, grading authority and curriculum criteria, provided to and accepted by AJF towards the criteria for either membership or accreditation.

14. Provide a safe and healthy environment for training and/or competition.

15. Show concern and caution towards a sick or injured player. Encourage students to seek medical advice when required.  Allow further participation only when appropriate and provide a modified training program where appropriate.

I acknowledge and agree:

1. AJF may take disciplinary action against me if I breach this Code of Conduct. I understand, in the event of an allegation against me, AJF is required to implement a complaint handling procedure in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

2. Disciplinary action or sanction against me may include deaccreditation from the AJF National Coaching Accreditation Program or suspension of membership; and,

3. Any certificate, identification, or badge issued as part of my accreditation or denoting I am accredited by AJF remains the property of AJF and must be returned to AJF on demand should my accreditation lapse or I cease to be an accredited coach or a member of AJF for any reason.

Note: In this Code of Conduct, some expressions used have the same meaning as defined in the AJF National Integrity Framework