Coach Accreditation

National Coaching Accreditation Program

On 21 March 2023, the Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) adopted a new approach to the delivery of our coaching accreditation program.

Mindful of the cost, time and effort, both in developing a new program and maximising the accessibility of that program, our courses are a combination of:

1. online education providing the theory components of the course and allowing participants to complete at their own pace and, for Level 2, followed by:

2. face-to-face delivery – taking the theory to the mat.

The AJF provides the Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre (JALC) in collaboration with the Australian Sport Learning Centre (ASLC). This ensures our new approach supports the development, education and training of coaches and empowers them to provide safe, fun and inclusive environments that focus on the needs of participants.

About Our New Program

School Membership of the AJF is a prerequisite. To find out more about the benefits of membership click here.

Online education – comprises the Community Coaching Essential Skills course developed by Australian Sports Commission together with courses developed by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA), Play by the Rules (PBTR) and courses developed by the AJF specifically for Jujitsu and Related Martial Arts.

Face-to-face delivery – For Level 2 candidates, once the online components are completed, candidates enrol in and attend a one-day face-to-face session.

Available Levels of Accreditation:

  • Level 1 Assistant Coach – minimum age 16-years, minimum grade mid-level within your school’s grade syllabus.
  • Level 2 Coach – minimum age 18-years, minimum grade within your school: one level below Black belt. Note if your grade is two levels below Black belt the Head of School may request other coach experience be considered.
  • Level 3 Senior Coach and Level 4 Advanced Coach. These levels are now available and all relevant qualified coaches have been notified. If you are an existing Level 3 or Level 4 and have not received a notification, please let us know at: Enrolment in these courses for new Level 3 or 4 candidates is by invitation.

Issue and Duration of Accreditation:

Level 1 Assistant Coach. This course consists of a number of on-line courses, with no face to face component. Some of these courses are provided by the Australian Sports Commission (and/or its affiliates) on generic subjects common to most sports and the balance have been devised by the AJF Coaching Committee on our own sport specific Jujitsu and Related Martial Arts topics.

In addition, you will need to independently do the usual First Aid course and have the relevant Working with Children check or equivalent in your own State or Territory.

To be able to do the on-line components of this course you will need to be registered with the Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre. This is a simple on-line process if you encounter any problems, we have established a helpline to assist you with any registration type problems that you may encounter: just contact us at

Once all courses have been completed and any external certificates (eg first aid) uploaded to the JALC, the Head of School will be requested to confirm competency. Your 2 year accreditation will be issued following Head of School confirmation.

Level 2 Coach. Now that an entirely new on-line course has been completed and launched, you will be required to complete the new on-line Level 2 course at the Jujitsu Australia Learning Centre (JALC). This comprises a number of modules from the Level 1 course plus a number of additional AJF and external modules more suited to Level 2 coaches. As part of the start of your on-line courses, your Head of School will be requested to confirm your suitability to be accredited as a Level 2 coach and your competency as a coach at that level.

You will need to have a current First Aid qualification and the relevant Working with Children check or equivalent in your own State or Territory.

In addition, Level 2 will require participation in a one-day face-to-face learning and assessment session. These will usually be conducted in your own State or Territory but you may be able to attend one in a different State or Territory if space is available and you are unable to make one in your own State or Territory.

Once you have completed the on-line component of the course, your accreditation will then be subject to you subsequently attending and passing a face-to-face learning and assessment session. Before you exit the last stage of the on-line modules, you must ensure that you enrol in a face-to-face session – this is done as part of the online course. Your accreditation will not be completed until you have been assessed and passed at the face-to-face component.

To summarise the Level 2 requirements:

  1. Do the nominated Level 2 on-line courses via the JALC.
  2. Attend and pass a face-to-face learning and assessment session.

When the on-line courses and the face-to-face learning and assessment session have been completed, this will satisfy your Level 2 accreditation and your accreditation status will be updated in the Accreditation Finder on the AJF website and remain current for 4 years.

Once you have attained Level 2 accreditation, it is then recommended and expected that you should, during the subsequent 4 year period during which your Level 2 accreditation remains current, complete the additional Master Classes published by the ASC as a natural follow on to the Community Coaching Essential Skills course.

To find out where and when our upcoming face to face sessions are being held, please check out our Events page.