Accreditation finder

You can use this Coach Finder to find an Accredited Coach or check that a coach is accredited. 

You can search by National Member ID, First and Last name, State and Accreditation framework.

The result will display their full name, National Member ID, State, Accreditation Level, Coach ID and Accreditation expiry date.

If you ever have concerns about your coach, you can contact us with Member Protection as the Topic.

Explanation of Levels

Coach’s Grade2
Coaching students 
whose grade is3 and who compete4
 1: Assistant Coach  At least 2nd Kyu  Junior and middle kyus  Locally up to State
 1U18: Assistant Coach5
 2: Coach  At least 1st Kyu  Up to Nidan  Up to National
 3: Senior Coach  At least Nidan  Up to Yondan  Up to International
 4: Advanced Coach  At least Yondan  Yondan and beyond  Up to International
  1. It is expected that someone running a dojo or gym should be Level 2 or higher
  2. Kyu grades are student grades, from beginner (generally a white belt) up to one level below Shodan (first black belt level).
  3. Coaches should only ever coach up to their own grade or one below
  4. Applies only to competitive arts
  5. Level 1 coaches can be 16 years of age but Working with Children Checks cannot be obtained by anyone under 18 in some jurisdictions. Level 1U18 is a coach who meets all requirements for Level 1 but is not yet 18.