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Member Schools represent the functional membership of the Federation with each financial School having one vote at the AGM.

To learn about the benefits of membership, please visit our Membership Page.

When you register, you will be invoiced for $190 and, upon payment, you will be provisionally accepted as a Member School. Select Annual School Membership for the Registration Type. Subsequent years will be charged at $165 if paid on time.

The Board will then consider your application and, if all the required information is provided to us and accepted by the Board, the Board will promote you to Member School. This usually takes less than 4 weeks.

We are seeking to gather details of your Head of School and administrative contact details. After you have been accepted as a Member School, we will send you a link that allows you to enter the details of your actual training location(s) (dojo, doyang, gym, etc) for  automatic inclusion in our School Finder. 

In the Additional Information section, answer Registration to the question Is this your initial registration or are you adding locations?  We also recommend scanning through all the questions before you start filling out the form to ensure you have the required information at hand.

Fields marked with an *asterisk are mandatory, others are optional. Open our Registration Help Page which should answer any questions you have (it will open in a new Tab). It also describes what we are looking for in the documents requested.  

If you have any questions and can't find the answer in the Registration Help Page, please use the Contact Form and select Registration as the Topic.