Sport Integrity

The Australian Jujitsu Federation in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia has on 8th October 2022 adopted the National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies. This follows extensive collaboration to ensure each policy both aligned with our sport, in addition to satisfying the intent of the National Integrity Framework.

This is an important step forward for our sport in ensuring we provide a safe and fair environment for everyone who participates and maintaining our National Sporting Organisation status with Sport Australia.

The National Integrity Framework is a suite of new integrity policies around issues such as child safety, member protection, illicit drugs, competition manipulation and others. With effect from 27th October 2022, all members of Australian Jujitsu Federation will be bound by these policies.

In addition to the new policies, Australian Jujitsu Federation have also adopted a new independent complaint handling process, run by Sport Integrity Australia. This means that all members can raise any integrity concerns directly to Sport Integrity Australia, who will review each complaint, and make any disciplinary decisions, independent of the Australian Jujitsu Federation.

The Board laid out details regarding each of the then pending policies within the Framework, together with the progress on the consultation, at the relevent Annual General Meetings.

The suite of policies within the framework are listed on our Policies page.

What do you need to know?

All members and participants should familiarise themselves with the National Integrity Framework and in particular the Prohibited Conduct contained within each policy. To facilitate this all members will be required to provide a link within their website or on their schools Facebook page, or if you have neither, then provide the link within other documentation to members.

New complaint handling policy: if you have a concern or complaint about an integrity matter related to the above policies, about an incident occurring on or after 27th October 2022, you can submit your concern directly to Sport Integrity Australia using their webform or by phoning 13 000 27232. Australian Jujitsu Federation will continue to manage all other complaints unrelated to these policies.

For more information about the National Integrity Framework and what Sport Integrity Australia will manage, download the “What is the National Integrity Framework” fact sheet.

Anti-Doping Policy

The Australian Jujitsu Federation adopted the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy as its Anti-Doping Policy effective 1 January 2021 and the Policy can be found here on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

Anti-doping rules apply to all participants of our sport from elite down to grassroots. All members must be aware of, and have a basic understanding of, their obligations regarding anti-doping. The Sport Integrity Australia website has a range of information and resources to assist, including:

To report a breach of anti-doping rules, submit directly to Sport Integrity Australia via:


In addition to the information and copies of policies listed on this site, further information is available at the Sport Integrity Australia website.

AJF contact for all matters related to the National Integrity Framework is Mr Phillip Mathers, who has been appointed to the role of National Integrity and Complaints Director and can be contacted by email at

We are committed to protecting our sport and keeping our participants safe.