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James Stackpoole


It is with deep sadness we advise Jim passed away in hospital during the early morning of Thursday 4th August.

Jim was a friend and Life Member of the Australian Jujitsu Federation and will be greatly missed.

Our hearts go out to his wife Meladee and family Steffi-Louise, Chris and Acacia.

Funeral arrangements – Wednesday 17th August 11am
Victory Centre, Carseldine Rd, Bridgeman Downs Queensland.

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Providing representation throughout Australia since 2000 the Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) is actually a federation of member schools or organisations that include jujitsu and related martial arts:

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This website provides an overview of the role of the AJF, plus information on the requirements and benefits of membership; names and contacts for member schools; and names of all accredited coaches throughout Australia.

The AJF is an Australian Registered Body (ARBN 163 159 037) with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and an Incorporated Association within New South Wales.

As the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) the AJF recognises within its strategic objectives, accountability for the development and accreditation of coach’s and official’s in each of the martial arts represented.  This accountability is managed through the AJF’s National Coaching / Officiating Development Programs, embracing coaching and officiating at all levels within the disciplines of: Aikido; Aiki Jujitsu; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Hapkido; Jui Jitsu; Jujitsu; Jujutsu; and Kenpo Jujitsu, throughout Australia.

If your school is not a member we would welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail the benefits of membership and look forward to hearing from you. Member schools as part of a ‘Common Bond‘ sharing knowledge and event participation opportunities.

We value your feedback and comments and welcome questions on any facet of our operations, so please feel free to telephone or go to our page: Contact Us and send us an email. We are also keen to hear from ‘National Jujitsu Organisations’ in the Oceania and South Pacific Region.

Once again, welcome to our website – Board of Directors

Updated 6 March 2021

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