Application for AJF / NSO Endorsement of a Competition Event …

Legislation relating to Combat Sports differs from State or Territory to State or Territory and may provide or require an event be sanctioned or endorsed by the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) as recognised by Sport Australia.

For the combat sports Jujitsu and BJJ/Ne-Waza this is the Australian Ju-Jitsu Federation (AJF). The AJF is also the internationally recognised body in Australia for Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF).

Member Associations/Schools who are seeking to host an event in compliance with State or Territory Combat Sports requirements should complete and submit an Application for Endorsement available AVAILABLE HERE.

Should you have any questions please contact either your State Representative or a member of the AJF Board – Details available on under the CONTACT tab.

Competition Participant Registration.

Participants Competitors, Officials and Administrators, attending a competition event that has been sanctioned/endorsed by the AJF are required under the endorsement to register their participation by completing and submitting the registration AVAILABLE HERE.