Application to reclassify your School

If your association or school is still a provisional member, we encourage you to apply for full membership, there is no additional cost.

To do this first read through what documents you will be requested to provide:

Extract from the Constitution – PART 2. clause 9. and clause 10.


A member organisation may not be affiliated with both the AJF and any other National Jujitsu Organisation claiming to have state or national governing functions over the Martial Art or Sport as defined (Clause 3 – Definitions) in Australia.

Clause 9.2 b) Member Schools … which subject to this Constitution, shall be represented by a the person who is the head of the school or a person designated by the head of the school and who shall have the right to receive notice of general meetings and to be present and to debate at general meetings; and vote on behalf of the School at general meetings.


A provisional member school may apply for recognition as a Member School by providing to the Board satisfactory evidence of:

  1. A senior Dan grading certificate (over 18-years of age) within a Martial Art or Related Martial Art (Clause 3 Definitions) plus supporting personal grading history and lineage.
  2. Formal structure of the school by a constitution or rules of conduct.
  3. Updated details on the membership within the school, on the prescribed form.
  4. Satisfactory ‘rules of grading’ assessed against the model rules of the AJF.
  5. A coaching and grading curriculum or syllabus, (available to participants) detailing the assessment criteria for each grade level awarded by the school; the model curriculum of the AJF may be used as a reference.
  6. Demonstrated commitment to the NCAP and NOAP of the AJF.

If the documentation provided is incomplete and/or the applicant is requested to submit further evidence the school shall continue as a provisional member school until the requirements have been satisfied.

Member schools have an obligation to resubmit an up-to-date copy of the above documentation should this change

If you have any questions please speak with your State / Territory Director, whose contact details are available under the ‘CONTACT’ tab.

Once you are ready to proceed … complete and submit the form below.