Becoming a Member School

Membership – available to jujitsu schools and related martial arts including:

aikido, aiki jujitsu, Jiu-Jitsu Ne-waza (BJJ), hapkido, and kenpo Jujitsu

Provisional Membership is available to all qualifying schools, and we are keen to address any questions you may have. Inquiries are most welcome and can be submitted here: send us mail.

Once your questions are answered … The Head of School (usually the Senior Dan grade member) of a school within one of the disciplines provided, completes and submits the Membership Application, available below … Thank you.

Please Note – Completed Membership Applications may be distributed to member schools for comment – should you have a concern about the distribution of your information, please advise of your concern when completing the application form.

School Joining Fee (including affiliation for current year to 31st March 2023) $195.00

Annual Affiliation — Due on the 1st April each year:

Principal school $195.00 (Less discount of $25.00 for payment by due date)

Each Branch location $ 50.00 (this branch fee is subject to discounting) *

* NOTE The definition of a Branch is provided for within the AJF Constitution clause 3.1 e) … Branch means a dojo location other than the principal location of the member organisation, operating under the same name and in compliance with the criteria as submitted for membership by the member organisation or school.

This requires that the person(s) conducting coaching/training are under the full jurisdiction of the above named applicant for AJF membership.

Members within your school

Individual members of your school are not required to pay a membership fee to the Federation!

Once accepted as an ‘provisional member school’ a school may choose to apply (no additional fee) to become a ‘member school’ with full voting rights. Details are available under the TAB ‘Provisional to Member School’

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