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Annual Reports / AGM Minutes / Fee Schedule

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Apply the AJF Logo to your Associations Website or Facebook page

Members are welcome to place the AJF Logo into their sites – conditions of use:

The logo must not be altered and is to have printed above the logo the following text:

the name of the member association

is a proud member of

Please also include the link:

Should the association cease to be a financial member of the AJF then the logo is to be deleted.

Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association — Accreditation

PCYCs in both Queensland and N.S.W. have adopted policies that branches ensure all users of PCYC facilities have appropriate accreditation. This applies to both volunteers and employees and is also a condition for hall hires.

The AJF provides accreditation for coaches recognised by PCYC. If you are not accredited and would like to teach in a PCYC you are invited to contact us about attaining accreditation.’


The constitution provides for the awarding of postnominals to members of the Federation. These range from Associate Member AMAJF to Life Fellow LFAJF.   For more information review a copy of the constitution available herein.

For complete details and program of events contact your State Director or State Representative