A common bond between member schools

The Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) was formed to provide a united organisation of jujitsu and related martial arts, and for the development and promotion of those martial arts in Australia and the Oceanic and South Pacific Region.

Schools joining the AJF maintain their own identity within the Federation and continue to coach within their own style and grading authority. For this purpose schools may choose to maintain existing international or overseas affiliations.

The AJF provides the opportunity for a unified approach to inter-school; state; national; and international; events and activities, for the benefit of members of those schools that are members of the AJF.

To achieve the objectives, members of the AJF agree to a ‘Common Bond’. The Common Bond is achieved through each member school agreeing to share for the benefit of all member schools [subject to the final paragraph below] activities that previously they may have managed only for their own members.

The school may choose to transfer the activity to the AJF, or continue the control and administration of the activity as a ‘provider’ to members of the AJF.

All member schools agree to actively support a unified program of events and activities each year within the scope of the objectives of the AJF, and to uphold the spirit and intent of cooperation for the benefit of all AJF members.

This common bond shall not within the spirit of the bond, interfere with the right of any member school to conduct activities or hold teaching seminars or camps which are only for the benefit and participation of their own members. Where practicable, the school shall endeavour to ensure the timing of such events do not conflict with the national or state program of the AJF.

Federation members agree, subject to their internal affairs, to share knowledge and activities for the benefit of all