Memorandum of Agreement


Australian Jujitsu Federation Inc.


Ju-Jitsu Sports Australia Ltd

The parties to this Memorandum of Agreement being Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) and Ju-Jitsu Sports Australia (JJSA) acknowledge it is subject to Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) confirming in writing to Sport Australia that it does, or intends to, recognise AJF as a Full National Member by 30th June 2021, in place of JJSA.

1.    JJSA will apply and be approved for, membership as a Member Association within the AJF, and like any member of AJF, will be self-governing under its own constitution.

2.    Mr. Zaya and Mr. Wilson of the JJSA, will be invited to apply for membership to the AJF board of directors and following application be appointed to the board in accordance with the AJF Constitution, for a maximum available term to the AJF Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023.

3.    During a period of transition, JJSA, as a member of AJF, will continue to be responsible for the administration of all competition conducted under the rules of JJIF, inclusive of the preparation of competitors and officials. The timeframe for this transition will extend to 30th June 2023, or earlier if agreed by both JJSA and AJF. Following such time, this responsibility will be fully merged within the AJF.

4.    The AJF board of directors will immediately establish a special council for competitive sport jujitsu administered under the rules of JJIF. Mr. Zaya will be appointed chair of the council, and both Mr. Zaya and Mr. Wilson will be appointed members to the council. The purpose of the council will be to provide liaison with and support to JJSA during the transition.

5.    Members of JJSA who wish to do so, are welcome to apply for membership of the AJF.

6.    The opportunity to participate in JJIF sponsored competition will be available to all members of AJF.

Signed for and on behalf of                                Signed for and on behalf of

Australian Jujitsu Federation Inc.                            Ju Jitsu Sports Australia Ltd

Roger Quick – Executive Director                              Zaya Zaya – President

Date:   14th September 2020                                    Date: 14th September 2020