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Criteria for Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Accreditation

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The Next Course

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Coaching and officiating new direction 2020

The scheduling of accreditation courses is currently delayed – let us explain why

Just under 2-years ago the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) now also known as ‘Sport Australia’, introduced major changes to what were the NCAS and NOAS programs.  These changes introduced on 1st July 2018 shifted greater accountability and independence towards NSOs for the development of both coaches and officials.

During the past year a review on the success of those changes, has been held within Sport Australia.  We understand the details and recommendations of that review are yet to be finalised, and we anticipate more information and importantly the implications for NSOs being available hopefully before our Annual General Meeting 28th March.

Aside from what might come from Sport Australia, the AJF board have also been reviewing both the content and delivery of our accreditation programs in an endeavour to identify ways of making these more accessible. However, any change we might make will need to be compliant with the awaited announcements by Sport Australia.

The AJF board is at all times very mindful of the cost, time and effort in potentially developing and introducing a new program and have therefore decided to delay the scheduling of accreditation courses in anticipation of the Sport Australia announcements.  As members will be aware the AJF receives no financial support from Sport Australia, relying on membership contributions and the valuable voluntary efforts of our board and state representatives.

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