Coach Accreditation – Interim Abridged Course

Online Courses

Please be aware Sport Australia and Play By The Rules have combined with a new platform for all online learning, and everyone will need to register on the new Australian Sport Learning Centre to undergo those courses … by following the link where applicable, under each course.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions the 2-day face to face coaching course and post course requirements were placed on hold.  In the meantime we are providing an opportunity for members to attain provisional accreditation at Level 1 and Level 2 (or renewal of previously attained Level 3) after completing a set of currently 6 online mainly short courses (detailed below).

The minimum age requirement for Level 2 is 18-years and the applicant needs to hold a grading equivalent to not less one level below Black Belt, although this may be lowered subject to existing agreement between the AJF and the head of school.

Prior to the issuing of accreditation, applicants must have the approval of the ‘Head of School’ confirming their coaching competency within the school. As this is an abridged course, accreditation will accredit coach’s for a period to 31st May 2022 (extended from an earlier date).

Upon completion a Certificate and ID Card (both PDF) confirming accreditation will be emailed to the coach.

It is hoped subject to Covid-19, we will soon be in a position to reinstitute a full course, which it is planned to include both online and face to face components.

Process and submitting course certificates


  1. Complete the Application Form this includes the Coach’s Code of Behaviour
  2. Confirm currency of First aid certificate HLTAID011 or Confirm you have registered to attain or renew your First aid certificate.
  3. Upload a PDF copy of your ‘Working With Children’ (or State/Territory equivalent) authority.
  4. Confirm there is a ‘Covid-19 Safety Plan’ in place (or will be in place) prior to returning to training. Assistance with this is available on this site at: Click HERE … this also provides links to the SportAus website page ‘Return to Sport’


  1. Complete each of the online courses, download and save the PDF certificates of completion.


  1. Complete the Certificate upload form submitting the PDF course certificates.
  2. Submit the registration fee of $50.00.

In undertaking each course please be aware the focus may be from the perspective of the student. It is therefore important to consider the coaching application for developing your students and how you might implement the strategies.

Accessing courses 1 to 4

You first need to register on the SportAus Learning Portal … to do this Login Here 

  • Read the welcome notes … then Register … once registered for the portal, you can view information on available courses by selecting the ‘Browse Learning’ tab.
  • Now scroll to the required course, select and launch … you are on your way.
  • Many of the courses do not need to be completed in one session. However, we recommend you do.
  • You may also choose to vary the order in which you complete each course.
  • The proposed time duration to complete each course is approximate and may be completed in less time.
  • At completion of each course 1 through to 8 you will receive a PDF separate Certificates, which you need to save for uploading into your application for coaching accreditation.

Accessing Course 5 – SportAus Concussion in Sport Australia

  • You do not need to register for this course … to login go to the SportAus website Login HERE … review the short video … checkout the Resources listed towards the bottom of the page …
  • then return to the top of the page and click on the box “Online Learning” … click on “START” and off you go.

Course 9 does not provide a Certificate and we will accept a screenshot of the statement “You have successfully completed this training module” save this as a PDF for uploading into your accreditation application.

Accessing Course 6 – Covid-19 Infection Control Training

Follow the link:  then …

  1. scroll down to the ‘Register now’ Blue button (above “other infection control training” and click …
  2. not previously logged on … follow the “click here to register” … complete the details to register … selecting ‘type of Work’ and ‘Workplace’ as ‘Other’
  3. you should now be signed-in … on the list of eLearning – Available Courses scroll right to the bottom and enrol in ‘Infection Control Training – Covid 19’ this will move this course to the top of the list …
  4. before entering the course, if you wish, you can download the PDF course materials.
  5. … click on ‘Open course’ or ‘Continue course’ and your right to go!
  6. once in the course … after reading the slide … progress to the next topic on the left of the page.
  7. depending on the time you spend following links on the slides, the course might be completed in just 30-minutes … but take all the time you wish.
  8. Once completed both PRINT your Certificate (we recommend posting this at your dojo) AND download a copy (PDF) for uploading into your accreditation application.

1. Community Coaching General Principles (approx 4-hours)

Module 1: Snapshot of a good coach

Focus on:

  • Safeguarding in sport – Protecting everyone in sport,
  • Who you coach – Engagement,
  • Where you coach – Space, equipment, and facilities,
  • What you coach – Session planning and preparation,
  • How you connect – Communication
  • How you engage and organise – Stakeholder management,
  • How you deliver – Group management, and
  • How you improve – Self-reflection and Assessment

Module 2: Preparing to coach
Focus on:

  • what it takes to plan and conduct engaging coaching sessions
  • identifying the needs of the participants, goals, and philosophies of coaching,
  • aware of maintaining safety

Module 3: Working with others
Focus on:

  • effective communication and participant management skills
  • communication skills,
  • deal with conflicts or other ‘challenging’ situations.

Module 4: Coach in action
Focus on:

  • creating a Session Plan

2. PBTR – Child Protection (approx 45-minutes)

Focus on:

  • understand child protection laws,
  • how they apply to sporting organisations and volunteers, and
  • what responsibilities are with respect to these laws

3. PBTR – Harassment and Discrimination (approx 45-minutes)

This module outlines:

  • the rights and responsibilities of players, coaches, administrators and volunteers with respect to discrimination and harassment, and
  • equal opportunity laws within sporting clubs and organisations.
  • Equal opportunity laws, how they apply to sporting organisations, clubs, their employees and volunteers,
  • how to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment at club and organisation level that does not tolerate discrimination and harassment.

4. PBTR Mini-course: Introduction to the Integrity of Sport (approx 30-minutes)

Focus on:

  • What integrity in sport means
  • The main integrity issues facing grassroots sport today
  • What policies and protections exist that prevent integrity issues occurring
  • Reflect on how integrity issues can occur and why integrity matters in sport
  • Discusses – doping, match-fixing, illicit drugs, supplements, abuse & discrimination, illegal betting

5. SportAus Concussion in Sport Australia (approx 45-minutes)

Focus on:

  • Definition of concussion
  • Recognise a suspected concussion – causes, signs and symptoms, red flags, managing concussion
  • Remove the athlete from play
  • Refer the athlete – rest and recovery
  • Graduated return to play

6. Covid-19 Infection Control Training

To access the ‘Application Form’ and ‘Certificate Upload Form’ … following the above links under … Process and submitting course certificates.