Coaching Accreditation Extension Application

Coaches whose accreditation expired during 2021 may apply for an extension of their current accreditation to 31st March 2023 by completing the requirements detailed below and confirming they have retained your coaching competencies within the member school.

Upon completion of what is required, both a Certificate and new ID-Card (both PDF) confirming reaccreditation will be emailed to the coach.

Required documents / evidence:

    1. Complete the Application Form

    2. Coach Level 2 and Level 3 either:

      1. Confirm currency of First aid certificate  or
      2. Confirm you have registered to renew your First aid certificate.
    3. Submit (upload) a PDF copy of your ‘Working With Children’ (or State/Territory equivalent) authority.

    4. Confirm your continued commitment to the ‘Coaches Code of Behaviour’ signed during the coaching course you attended.

    5. Confirm your continued commitment to the ‘Member Protection Policy’ signed during the coaching course you attended.

    6. Complete the online course ‘Infection Control Training – Covid 19’ and upload a PDF copy of the  ‘Certificate of Acknowledgement’ … see the course access notes below.

    7. Confirm the member school has in place a Covid-19 Safety Plan

    8. Submit the payment of $12.00 to be paid as part of completing the Registration Form.

To access the Application Form

Click HERE

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

Follow the link:  then …

  1. scroll down to the ‘Register now’ Blue button (above “other infection control training” and click …
  2. not previously logged on … follow the “click here to register” … complete the details to register … selecting ‘type of Work’ and ‘Workplace’ as ‘Other’
  3. you should now be signed-in … on the list of eLearning – Available Courses scroll right to the bottom and enrol in ‘Infection Control Training – Covid 19’ this will move this course to the top of the list …
  4. before entering the course, if you wish, you can download the PDF course materials.
  5. … click on ‘Open course’ or ‘Continue course’ and your right to go!
  6. once in the course … after reading the slide … progress to the next topic on the left of the page.
  7. depending on the time you spend following links on the slides, the course might be completed in just 30-minutes … but take all the time you wish.
  8. Once completed both PRINT your Certificate AND download a copy (PDF) for uploading with the extension Application Form.