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If the 'Principal Martial Art'* of your school/association is not listed below under this heading*, or you do not hold a Dan Grade within that Martial Art ... Please speak with the State Director for your State before submitting your membership application. Director's phone numbers are available on the CONTACT page of this website.
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Details for Association / School

This is the principal location - Hombu dojo
The definition of a Branch is provided for within the AJF Constitution clause 3.1 e) ... Branch means a dojo location other than the principal location of the member organisation, operating under the same name and in compliance with the criteria as submitted for membership by the member organisation or school. This requires that the person(s) conducting coaching/training are under the full jurisdiction of the above named applicant for AJF membership.

Participant numbers

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Sport Integrity Australia

All sports throughout Australia are obliged to commit to a policy on anti-doping in compliance with both Australian and World anti-doping authorities.

The anti-doping policy of Sport Integrity Australia (previously managed by ASADA) sets down those obligations for everyone engaged in sport, including those not specifically involved in competition. However, there are parts of the anti-doping policy that are not applicable if members do not compete.

Sport Integrity Australia, in consultation with the Australian Jujitsu Federation, has published a Fact Sheet (available here) clarifying those parts of the policy that apply in respect of non-competitive members.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective 1 January 2021, being the anti-doping policy adopted by Australian Jujitsu Federation and applicable to all member, participants and non-participants. I have also read, understood and agree to abide by the associated policies as adopted by Australian Jujitsu Federation.

A copy of the policy is available on the website of Sport Integrity Australia.

It is important to have an anti-doping policy as it helps Australian Jujitsu Federation to provide a doping-free environment that promotes health, fairness and equality for all Australian Jujitsu Federation members. To help us achieve this goal, please make yourself aware of your rights and responsibilities under this policy by using the education resources provided by Sport Integrity Australia.
I have read and agree to be bound by the provisions of the Constitution of the Australian Jujitsu Federation Inc.
Price: $ 195.00
Membership is subject to ratification by the AJF Board who may seek further information. If membership is not approved a full refund will be provided. Once accepted the joining subscription includes financial membership to 31st March 2023.
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