National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS)

The Australian Jujitsu Federation Inc. (AJF) as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) recognised by the Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission

has responsibility for the development and administration of the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) for all Jujitsu and related martial arts involved in competition including: Sport Jujitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, throughout Australia.

An accredited official has provided evidence to satisfy the membership criteria of the Federation. In addition he or she has successfully completed an approved accreditation course specific to our members. This course will have included: risk management, appropriate legislation, health and safety, and more.

Under the Federation’s NOAS program there are 4 Levels of accreditation. However, the first 2 levels are most common: Administration, and  / Judge/Referee.

An accredited official has signed an agreement to abide by a ‘Code of Ethics/Behaviour’ approved by the Australian Sports Commission.

The Australian Jujitsu Federation is the only recognised authority to provide and administer accreditation within the competitive martial arts of: Sport Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling.

Each accredited official has a personal NOAS ID Card that includes details of their NOAS level and expiry date of their accreditation.

For more information please contact the Federation.